About GIANT PRAWN Conferences

GIANT PRAWN Conferences are the major conferences on the farming of Macrobrachium spp. GIANT PRAWN 2017 (GP 2017) is poised to be the next big thing to happen in the global farming and conservation of freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium. Although the name could be taken to refer only to the Giant Malaysian prawn M. rosenbergii, in fact the event will encompass all species of Macrobrachium that are currently farmed. This mega event is organized by Salin Krishna and Michael New.

First GIANT PRAWN Conference

The first GIANT PRAWN Conference was organized by Michael New in 1980 for the Thai Department of Fisheries and took place in the original Erewan Hotel in Bangkok. At that time Michael was working for the FAO as a co-manager of an UNDP supported project aimed at expanding the farming of freshwater prawns as an emerging aquaculture industry. It focussed on several areas of prawn farming like:

  • Platform for fresh water farming

  • Modern Prawn research

  • Discussions & Seminars

  • Innovative food processing techniques

  • Awareness to aquafarmers

  • Summarizing and planning section

History of GIANT PRAWN Conference

GIANT PRAWN 1980, for the first time, brought together all those involved in freshwater prawn research and farming and set many priorities for future research and development. A comprehensive volume of proceedings that summarised the latest research on Macrobrachium at that time was published by Elsevier.

In 2003 another major Macrobrachium conference (Freshwater Prawn 2003) was organized by C. Mohanakumaran Nair at the College of Fisheries, Kerala Agricultural University, Kochi, the southern Indian city in the State of Kerala. Michael New presented the keynote address in this Conference. This meeting was attended by nearly 500 delegates from all over the world and was a major boost for freshwater prawn farming development in India. Selected papers from this conference were published as a special edition of the international journal, Aquaculture Research. Full proceedings of the meeting were also published by Allied Publishers, New Delhi, India.

In 2011 Michael collaborated with Kerala Agricultural University in India and the World Aquaculture Society to organize the GIANT PRAWN 2011, a second GIANT PRAWN conference, which was also held in Kochi. This event was held in conjunction with Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2011, the annual conference of the World Aquaculture Society - Asia Pacific Chapter. Selected papers from this conference were also published as a special volume of the Journal Aquaculture Research.

GIANT PRAWN 2017 Date & Location
Dates 20 to 24 March 2017
Venue AITCC (Asian Institute of Technology Conference Centre) Hotel
Location Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) campus, PO Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Bangkok, Thailand
Field Visit
1. Four workshop days (20, 21, 22 & 23 March 2017) with invited keynote speakers, submitted presentations, and discussion sessions.
2. One day (24 March 2017) field trip to prawn farm and hatchery in Thailand.
Prawn Hatchery Training program Three days (17, 18 & 19 March 2017) of an International Training program preceding GIANT PRAWN 2017, on Advances in hatchery production of freshwater prawns, Macrobrachium spp. Separate registration and Course Fee applicable for this Training. For details click here.
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